The Howell Education Foundation was established in 2003 to enhance the work of the Howell Public Schools. Since its creation, the Foundation has donated more than $1,800,000 toward special programs for students including field trips, science camps, educational equipment for classrooms, incentive and recognition programs and more. All activities are designed to bring unique educational opportunities to the classroom.

In addition, the Foundation is developing relationships with local businesses for on-site student visits, special presentations, and hands-on learning. These special opportunities are designed to engage the imaginations and curiosity of students to foster a lifelong desire to learn, and expose them to career choices.

Aiming to grow its endowment fund to $2 million, the Foundation’s plan is to use the interest generated to finance future educational projects. The foundations’ annual goal is to raise $250,000 per year to build the fund. We need your help to succeed.

To volunteer your time, please call the Howell Education Foundation today at (517) 579-8555.

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Mission Statement

HEF’s mission is to encourage students to fulfill their dreams and to reach their full potential. Our goal is to foster a lifelong desire to learn by sponsoring educational field trips, science camps, scholarships, establishing incentive and recognition programs. This is all made possible by the contributions of the community.